Precision Technology

The Mazergroup Precision Technology Advantage

Precision Technology is in a constant state of evolution and can be hard to keep up with. We work with you to provide the cutting edge products that can help better manage your inputs. No longer only dealing with straight lines, Precision Technology has expanded to encompass everything from water management to yield monitoring and more. Click here to go to our products section and learn more!

AG Days 2017 is just around the corner!

Come and visit our Precision Technology Department in the Canada room at the Keystone center in Brandon for Ag-Days 2017. We will be on hand to answer your questions. Visit for more information.

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Mazergroup Data Management Plans

Nearly every piece of Precision Technology hardware is capable of logging data. Chances are, you have some data of your own- but what can we really do with it?

  • Data Consolidation; a process whereby we organize your farms, fields and as-applied maps in a streamlined, easy to understand structure.
  • Addition of legal land discriptions to your existing fields
  • Cloud storage and quarterly data collection; don’t worry – your data will always belong to you, and we have strict rules for keeping your information private
  • Working with an Agronomist of your choice; sharing your data between Mazergroup and your Agronomist helps to expedite the process of analyzing your data and working with Agronomists

RTK Topo Mapping Service

Topo Mapping

RTK Topographical maps can help you understand your land with a high level of precision. Using the maps in a variety of ways can help you to make better decisions

  • Planning drainage
  • Layering against soil samples
  • Comparing yield data with topography

Guidance Systems

Steering Systems

Meet the Viper 4

Precision Signals

Trimble GNSS Planning Tool

You will require Microsoft Silverlight to use the GNSS Planner, download it here